The Bridging Borders Shop

Music and Tools for the Revolution 


The Bridging Borders Shop

Music and Tools for the Revolution

The Bridging Borders Shop, inspired by Christophe Elie's Bridging Borders album was developed as a space to promote the Bridging Borders Message.  " I wanted to approach the commerce differently, be thoughtful, consider the environmental impact. What goods could we include, that support the vision of a sustainable future for our world.  The shop will seek to reflect that "Bridging Borders" inclusive, hopeful message - "Let's bridge the borders between us, we are Stronger Together".  

I would like to see it grow as a space for other local independent art, a space where the principles of fair trade, organic goods, Non-GMO are respected while making local goods available globally, to explore and facilitate that journey towards a sustainable future. 

Purchasing from Independent artists, translates as time that the artist now has for their art.  It is you the listener, the consumer of art's contribution to the making of the art itself.  

We have music that is available digitally, goods with the messages that inspire us.  Items that are friendlier to the environment, that reduce our footprint on the path to a sustainable future together.  

Bridging Borders is about the intersections in this world of culture, religion, language and tradition. This shop seeks that ideal to present art and sustainable goods that bridge those borders that connect us together.  Each year a percentage of profits will go to charities that we support.  

This journey has just begun and we welcome your input, your comments and any suggestions for us at the Bridging Borders Shop.


Christophe's music encourages conversation around culture, religion and tradition and challenges conditional thinking through his haunting melodies and poignant lyrics"

Tara Shannon ~ Willow Sound Records

The stand-out for me was “Two Feathers,” a song about Indigenous relations inspired by a meeting with then-Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence. "Each day I walk the railway line between your world and mine,” it opens, and seldom does a line go by that isn’t equally poetic. The chorus communicates the idea that a single feather can survive alone but two feathers together can fly."

Heather Kitching ~ Roots Music Canada

"Beautiful Music!
Excellent songwriting.”

Shirlwind Music

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